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Facebook Contests the RIGHT Way!

Thanks for hopping over from the Facebook Party! Watch this video all the way to the END for the give away!! Do what the video instructs then go BACK to the Facebook Party... the link to get BACK to the party is down below.     here's the link back to the...

Email Clutter: A Great Way to Lose Business

  If only I could have given you a screen shot of my inbox from 3 weeks ago.  I am ashamed to admit that it had over 3000 messages!  Some of them read, some of them starred (you know, because a STAR tells me it is important) and still others just sitting there...

Techie Tutorials {Videos}

I try to get at least one techie tutorial out on the Facebook page each week.  If you want to get access to the video when it comes out your best bet is to fan the page so you'll get a heads up in your news feed when they publish. This page is where  I will publish...


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