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Can your Team Members Duplicate Your Success?

 Team leaders, business builders, managers...whatever you are called in your company...listen up! Take a moment to think about what your individual skills are.  If you are a top recruiter, excellent at sales or great at motivating and inspiring others.  No    matter...

9 Steps to Writing Website Copy

Many consultants struggle with getting together the wording for their websites simply because it feels overwhelming. Don't stress, there are plenty of ways to make YOUR website stand out without laboring over the writing. This list will help you get your website copy...

Are YOU driving traffic to the WRONG website?

How to market your company direct sales website to drive traffic to YOU In direct sales, consultants often have a corporate generated website.  These sites are "cookie cutter" in nature with a small area for the consultant to "personalize" with their content.  I feel...


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