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Big Girl Panties- Pinterest


Are you wasting hours of your precious time each week compiling pins that aren’t doing you – or your business – any good?

(I call this “Endless Window Shopper Syndrome” – where everything looks great in the window, but you rarely go through the trouble of trying it on.)

Are you limiting your social media strategy to just Facebook? (I know the boy shorts are comfy and all, but sometimes you have to reach for the thong if you want to avoid panty lines.)

Does the thought of potential customers perusing your Pinterest boards make you feel anxious? (What? You don’t want strangers walking through your home, seeing your unmade bed and yesterday”s underwear on the floor?)

Let me teach you all you need to know to make Pinterest part of your business strategy and NOT just a big fat time suck!

Course will be delivered to your membership area on May 18th!


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